History and Future of the Ancient Numbers Page

 What’s Done:
2011July24-31Wrote the first two modules, the Roman → Arabic and Arabic → Roman calculators, as part of another site.
 August12Added Arabic → Greek and Greek → Arabic calculators to the other site. (The latter is currently unplugged for revision.)
2012June21Began a complete overhaul and expansion of the original four modules. Decided to move the whole thing to a separate site, picked out the name Nvmeri Innvmeri, and rented domain www.nvmeri.org (note the V) to host it. I now plan at least four more calculator modules in addition to the four already written, four all-new test modules, and four separate text pages.

Tested Arabic → Latin calculator: it works for 1-100, but needs more than that to be ready for unveiling.
  26Added ‘History - What’s New - What’s Next’ page (you’re reading it) and ‘About Greek Numbers’ pages.
  27Finished debugging Roman → Arabic Test module. Announced the site on the Latinteach mailing list.
  29Announced the site on my main webpage, Curculio (linked in the upper left corner).
  30Learned enough JavaScript to put the cursor on the first (or first likely) entry field in all the calculator and test modules.
 July20Unveiled the first test module, in which a user may select any of six number types for the ‘from’ and ‘to’ numbers: Arabic or Roman numerals, Latin cardinal, ordinal, or distributive numbers, or Greek alphabetic numerals, and then select a range of numbers to test.

It is not a coincidence that it resembles a Foreign Exchange calculation site, with drop-down lists for the ‘from’ and ‘to’ types, and PHP code to make the appropriate translation. The principle behind it is nearly the same.

The three types of Latin numbers need some work: alternative forms are still to be added, they only go up to 1000, and I am not sure they are all correctly formed. I also plan to add the numerical adverbs (‘once’, ‘twice’, ‘thrice’, and so on), which are also necessary to form very large Latin numbers. There are a total of thirty different tests possible: six for the ‘from’ types times six for the ‘to’ types, minus the six pointless tautologies (Arabic → Arabic, Roman → Roman, and so on.)
 August22After several weeks work, finished making the Calculator modules into a single page with 6 x 6 choices, just like the Test module. Input checks are still rudimentary.
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 What’s Next:
 September Make sure all modules work. Add input checks for illegally-formed numbers.

Figure out CSS and use it to improve appearances generally.

Add a competitive option to the Test modules, saving the top ten scores in a database for display. Only specific defined sets of questions would be suitable for competitions, so a user would have to choose from a limited set of ranges (e.g. 1-100, 1-3,999, 1-399,999, and 1-399,999,999), each with and without fractions, for eight contests in all, each limited to say 25 rounds. Equal-score ties would be broken by comparing times.